Red Rose [ by me ]
Title: Truth walks in darkness

Pairing: Loki/Thor (past Sif/Thor implied)

Tags: Future Fic, Angst, Realization, Punishment, First Kiss

Summary: After years of raging war and strife on the Nine Realms, Loki has been captured, taken to Asgard and sentenced. The harshness of the punishment shocks Thor but also helps him understand the essential truth at last. But maybe it’s already too late…

Notes: Beta by dignifiedpianist.

Read it at AO3

Looking for a beta reader

Red Rose [ by me ]
I'm looking for a beta reader for a somewhat dark Thor/Loki fic (how much dark is open to interpretation). It's my first Thor/Loki fic and the first in a long while. My previous fics, all McKay/Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis, can be found at my new AO3 account. This one is not very long, about 1100 words (two Word pages) but I'm also working in a larger and much darker fic I'd like an opinion on later.

I have a good English level but I'm not a native English speaker, so I'd like someone willing to check up my grammar in addition to beta-reading the story.

Anyone interested, please leave your email below (comments are screened).

Many thanks you in advance!

McShep fics on AO3

Red Rose [ by me ]
I've finally joined AO3 and posted all my SGA McKay/Sheppard fic there. If you're interested, you can find it here:

Hopefully, more fic (though not McShep) will be coming soon!



Hello to all Stargate Atlantis slash fans!

Finally, the new version of Crossroads - The Stargate Atlantis Slash Index is online!

This version comes with many new things.

To start with, we have added almost 800 new fics! We also have two new lists: the Sheppard/Lorne and Sheppard/Dex thematic fic indexes. Also the two threesomes and moresomes lists have been merged into one.

We are also working in updating all the broken links and we are still goint through the backlog accumulated during the past year, so expect updates often! Also, a regular updating schedule for the new fics will start next week!

The categorization system has been revamped, and the tags streamlined and normalized, to make it easier to find the kind of fics you want. Now all the categories have the same names in all the lists. No more looking for "Mpreg" in one list and "Kidfic" in another!

Crossroads also has some new features. The tag listings now have a new filter feature. This allows you to filter the tag listings results by list and/or to add new tags to the search. This second option is also available when viewing a category and only allows you to select tags that have been used in fics on display on page, so it guarentees that it will be results to your search.

The search engine has also been redone, with an easier to use yet powerful interface, that should allow you to search for any kind of fics you want. The tags listing has also been improved, and the challenges section now also works with tags. Other cosmetics changes have also been made to improve listings and navigation. The links section has also been cleaned up and updated.

There have been also some tweaking to the user features, to need to log off and log in again to see the new options.

Feedback is appreciated!


Red Rose [ by me ]
Looking for NCIS info, I just came across a site called The internet movie firearms database. I know next to nothing about weapons, but their information seems accurate and well documented, and thus useful for fanfics writers, among others

For example, this is the Stargate: Atlantis weapons page, this the Stargate: SG1 one and this is the NCIS one.

Hope it helps someone!


McKay/Sheppard fanfic recommendations

Red Rose [ by me ]
Like a Rhythm Unbroken by telesilla
John has not been with a man in 15 years, since he joined the Air Force. But now he needs it, he needs Rodney. A first time that's sexy and tender all at once.

"I want to go back to your room with you," John said, cutting Rodney's apology off. "I want to suck you nice and slow for as long as it takes you to get hard again. And then I want you to fuck me all night." He leaned in and licked and nuzzled Rodney's cock and Rodney shivered, not sure if John's words were getting to him or if it was the feel of John's stubble against his sensitive skin.

"We could do that," he managed to say. "Sure."

Mona Lisa Box by tzzzz
AU and crossover with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

John is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Rodney, who was essential to the creation of Skynet, while the Connors and Cameron try to decide if Rodney is a risk. But John evolves from his original programation in unexpected ways.
A well executed crossover, with a surprising final twist.

"Oh." John smiles. He normally tries to steer Rodney away from dangerous conversations about things like emotions, which he doesn't fully understand. But he thinks he gets this one. "Well, if you're trying to be romantic, then go right ahead." He still doesn't understand kissing, but it makes Rodney happy, and though making Rodney happy is only a corollary of his primary objective, he still wants to. He doesn't know why.

Draconian Measures by tarlan
An Stargate AU that builds upon the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Road Not Taken". With the Ori on the way to Earth, Rodney becomes President Landry's chief science adviser, but without a ZPM, is only a matter of time before Earth falls. John's last Afganistan mission never happened, and he's now a full Colonel leading the F302 in the Petersen base. The USA is under martial law after people rioted in fear when Stargate project went public.
However, the threat comes from an unexpected direction, and the Goa'uld and the Ori will not be the only threats they will have to overcome to make Atlantis their new home.

His eyes were drawn to that area by the swish of the privacy screen that someone had erected out of what looked like pale metallic sheeting. A momentary glimpse of McKay's solid frame was all he gained before the curtain fell back into place, and he felt his mouth dry at the remembrance of how close he had come to losing McKay.

Rodney, he thought. His name is Rodney.

Chance, Fate, God or Grace by sardonicsmiley
AU for the episode "This Mortal Coil" - The copies of Weir and the team aren't killed and they set to find their own place.

Shooting the engines had been a solution Rodney hadn't even considered, and he's grateful that John, for once, had a cooler head than he did. Still, his relief is fading as Elizabeth spins on him, her mouth tight and unhappy, dark eyes flashing. She says, "And you, Rodney? I have to admit that I'm surprised. Immediately jumping to the military solution didn't used to be your first instinct."

Rodney shifts, uncomfortable, "No one died." Elizabeth just keeps staring at him, and Rodney holds her gaze, not sure what she's looking for or trying to prove. Finally she shakes her head, scoffing in the back of her throat and shifting back.

She says, soft and flat, "So this is what we are now, then? Willing to just do whatever we want, and damn the consequences? And why? Because that's what John wants to do?" There's a pause, everyone doing their best to avoid looking at each other.

Rodney shakes his head, finally. He's never been any good at this, and, frankly, he's tired of trying to make the two of them see sense. He snaps, "Yes. Is that what you want to hear? If it comes down to that, if that's what you're making this about? Then yes. Because it's what John wants to do. You better get used to it."

Ascension by soraya2004
A fussion with Star Wars but with the author's particular twist. Both John and Rodney are Sith, on the path of Ascension.

J'hon stared at him incredulously. "I didn't come back, so you came all the way out here to find me?" Still struggling to wrap his mind around that, he chose to ignore, for the moment, that Ro'dnee had effectively tagged him!

"We had an appointment," Ro'dnee explained, quite defensive all of a sudden. "Which you missed, by the way," as though that were reason enough. "And since we've fallen into the habit of trying to kill each other, I decided to track you down. Because, you know, it was my turn to try to kill you."

It hit him then that despite Ro'dnee's blustering, when he'd gone missing, Ro'dnee had dropped whatever he was doing to come looking for him. And that triggered a rush of emotion in him so intense it made his chest suddenly feel very tight. "So, why didn't you do it when you had the chance?" he whispered. "You could have destroyed me so many times when I was weak!"

"Please, are you trying to insult me?" Ro'dnee huffed. "When I destroy you, it'll be one hundred per cent me and not because someone else softened you up first."

Finding Home by diamond_raven
An AU of the episode "Reunion" where Sam isn't the one that gets chosen as leader... and the life-changing consequences it has.

"So, what?" Rodney had straightened up, crossed his arms and was glaring at him. He was pissed. "You decided that just because I was putting a lot of effort into you keeping your career – which by the way, I might as well not have bothered with – that I decided I had enough?"
Red Rose [ by me ]
Due to other obligations, three list administrators have recently resigned their positions. I hope you join us in thanking them for their contribution to the project. Due to this, and also the real life obligations of the remaining admins, the site has not been updated in a while. We remain, however, committed to this project and we want to restart a regular scheduling update.

In light of all of this, and the fact that we need to broaden our coverage to accommodate the evolving fandom, the Crossroads Team is currently looking to fill admin positions on the following lists:
McKay/Sheppard thematic fic index - 3-4 vacancies
McKay/Beckett thematic fic index - 1 vacancy
Rare pairings slash index - 1 vacancy
Threesomes and moresomes masterlist - 1 vacancy
Sheppard/Dex - NEW LIST. 1-2 vacancies.
Sheppard/Lorne - NEW LIST. 1-2 vacancies.

For more information and the application procedure, please click here.


Mixed Icon Bag: Numb3rs & Blood Ties

Red Rose [ by me ]
Hi, I'm back! I've been out all fandom things for a long while due to RL issues, but I'm slowly coming back. For those who asked, the Stargate Atlantis Slash Index is coming back. More info here.

To begin with, there are a few icons. These are the first icons I've made in almost two years. I'm completely out of shape as far as icon-making goes, and I'm still trying to find my feet again, so feedback is highly appreciated. Even if you don't take any icons, I'll love to know what you think about them, please. Many thanks in advance.

There are 11 Numb3rs icons and 2 Blood Ties icons.

The following rules apply:
1) Please, leave a comment if you take them.
2) Credit flordeneu in keywords if you use them.
3) Customization: You can customize them to add your own text to the blank ones (text effects and such are OK). Please do not modify the ones with text. If in doubt, please ask.
4) Do NOT hotlink.
5) Don't claim them as your own.
6) To use them outside Livejournal, tell me first (a comment here is ok). I'll probably say yes. I just want to know where they go.


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